Laura-Jane the Rawtarian

A Rawtarian Dishes on Her Diet

Amid the plethora of constantly emerging diets these days, one that seems to be gaining wide acceptance, and presence, is the raw diet.

Not a weight-loss plan but a lifestyle choice, raw, or rawism, is based on the belief that the healthiest human diet comes from eating plant-based foods that have never been heated beyond 115
degrees F.

For example, breakfast might consist of uncooked oats with fruit, and dinner might be lettuce wraps with nuts, vegetables and fresh herbs.

Proponents of the diet believe that foods in their raw state provide more vitamins and minerals, enzymes and natural pH than their cooked counterparts.

Natural Vitality Living caught up with one woman who has been living la vida raw for almost three years.  happened upon the raw-food diet through her mother-in-law. “My mother-in-law was going crazy over how great she felt with this new diet, how much better she felt, how much energy she had. At the time I wasn’t really overweight but I had low energy, ups and downs with my mood, and adult acne, and I wanted to see if going raw would change anything,” Laura-Jane relates.

She committed to a 30-day raw-food challenge. She felt so much better after the 30 days, she continued eating raw and hasn’t gone back since.

Quite a commitment for an individual living on Prince Edward Island, a remote island off eastern Canada, where raw food is not exactly the norm. “I get much of my support from an online community of rawtarians,” she says.

To make matters more challenging, Laura-Jane doesn’t like to cook. Everyone knows raw foods are time intensive to prepare. But Laura-Jane says they don’t always have to be and with some preparation you can have staples at the ready.

There’s no question the raw food diet is extreme and requires a major food paradigm shift. But there are degrees of raw eating. For instance, you can commit to eating 75 percent raw.

“I think anything you can do to eat more plant foods is great,” remarks Laura-Jane. “I am the kind of person, though, where complete dedication works. If I ate a bag of Doritos, it would be all downhill from there,” she says.

Wanna give raw a try? Laura-Jane offers the following tips:

  • A green smoothie is a perfect breakfast that you can enjoy every day and is fast and easy. Simply blend together 2/3 fruit and 1/3 leafy green vegetables. It will taste sweet but have the added benefits of greens.
  • Try a sweet indulgent raw recipe so that you don’t feel deprived.
  • Don’t focus on what you aren’t allowed to eat but what you are. Indulge in your favorite fruits, for example.
  • Keep a sauce or two and a nut pâté on hand in the fridge so that if you come home hungry and tired, you can put together a quick meal.
  • If you feel pressure or guilty about not eating someone’s food, tell the person that it looks delicious but that you’re doing really well on your diet and can’t stop now.

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